Our Thoughts
“Let consumers define what ethical fashion means to them according to their personal set of values, and have brands commit to transparency instead of buzzwords.”

The Dilemma
Certainly, there are givens—like fair living wages and safe working conditions. But there is so much more that can fall under the umbrella of “ethical.” Maybe you cannot justify the cost of a new, ethically made garment and second-hand goods are a priority for you. Or perhaps vegan garments are your top priority. It is difficult to pin down, when not, everyone’s values are exactly the same. We as a company, are still learning and growing, we are not perfect, but we are striving to be close!

The Truth
Knightswatch London recognises the new phrase on the block; “Ethical Fashion”.
What exactly this means is very vague, even still, the phrase is too easily branded and used as a label.
We believe it starts at home. In our own workplace, dealing with couriers, placing orders with manufacturers. All this handled with respect and transparency is what, we believe is, “Ethicool”.